• "How Can I Tone Up After Having A Baby?"


    I’ve just had a baby and am very keen to maintain things ‘down there’. They told me there were exercises I should do but I didn’t listen because I was exhausted from the birth and have forgotten what they were or how to do them. Can you help?


    Any female who’s ever had a child knows all about ‘Kegel’ or ‘PC’ exercises. Seems you’ve no sooner finished pushing the baby out, when the midwife’s telling you to pull everything in again (Like, owwwww!). As much as most women feel like saying sod off when they’re still at the stage when they swear they’ll never have sex again, regularly contracting your vaginal muscles is such an effective exercise, it does pay to smile sweetly instead.

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    Pelvic floor exercises don’t just ‘maintain’ by producing a tight vagina (which, by the way, isn’t just for him, it increases your sensitivity as well) they boost sexual desire, intensify orgasm and can help you become multi-orgasmic. Sounds good? Let’s start squeezing!

    First, find your PC muscle by stopping yourself peeing (try not to pull in your bottom or tummy at the same time). Once you’ve isolated it, squeeze and contract, holding it for a few seconds, then release. Start with repetitions of 25 and do two sets a day. It’s then a case of working up to around 50 repetitions, several times a day, but holding the squeeze for longer.

    That’s your basic exercise but if you really want to make a difference fast, use kegel toner balls. They are small balls (or a single ball) that you can insert high into the vagina and squeeze around. It ensures you’re doing the exercises properly and just having them around is a physical reminder to do your kegels daily.

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