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    Valentine's Day does worry me. I think there's tremendous pressure on people to a) be in a relationship and b) be in a terrific relationship. And Valentine's Day leaves lots of people feeling inadequate.

    Single people feel ostracized and like there's something wrong with them and people in long term relationships who are perhaps a bit bored, start worrying their relationship isn't good enough or their partner's not romantic enough. It's meant to be a day to celebrate love but it's turned into a day where lots people feel upset.

    So follow these tips and think of it as a day to celebrate all sorts of love and you'll be fine.


    My girlfriend likes to watch me masturbate but when I ask to watch her, she says no. She says she doesn't find it a turn on, but I know she regularly uses a vibrator. Is there anything I can do to help her feel more at ease and relaxed because I could probably learn something from watching her?


    My girlfriend and I recently bought some bondage ropes to tie each other up. We're not into whips and stuff so at a loss as to what exactly we're supposed to do tease each other?


    My partner and I have recently started looking for a threesome with another woman. Would it be wrong of me to ask if another man could be in the room? Or even if the other male can join in?


    I'm going to have a house full of relatives this Christmas. How on earth are we going to have sex without anyone hearing or knowing?


    What's a nice sexy treat for my boyfriend for Christmas? I refuse to dress up as Santa's helper!


    I want to treat my girlfriend to something really special sexually for Christmas. Any suggestions?


    The office Christmas party is coming up and I'm dreading it because my boss is such a lech. Especially when drunk. How can I survive?!

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    'She hates giving me oral sex! How do I get her to like it?'

    This is one of the most common questions I get from men, so this one’s for you! Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable aspects of sex and to be denied it (and still expect you to continue to give it to her) is unthinkably unfair.

    There are three main reasons why women don’t like giving men oral sex. Happily each has a very simple solution...

    Reason no. 1: He Smells

    Most women are paranoid about the smell of their genitals and quite frankly more men should be!

    If she’s not keen on giving you oral sex, the first thing to check is how fresh your genitals smell. This means taking a shower before you have sex, or at the very least giving your penis a good wipe over with warm, soapy water, then rinsing with clean water.