• "How can I survive the office party when my boss is a drunk lech?"


    The office Christmas party is coming up and I'm dreading it because my boss is such a lech. Especially when drunk. How can I survive?!


    Ah, the office Christmas party! The scene of so, so many crimes: illicit snogs with much-fancied colleagues, drunken arguments with much-despised ones, over-enthusiastic dancing displays, and countless other antics which seem so amusing and harmless at the time – and so not the next day.

    Dodging a lecherous boss is just one more thing to look forward to...

    Thankfully, this is something that is relatively easy to handle. First up, even if he's sinking punch faster than he's undressing you with his eyes, you go easy on the alcohol. You need to have your wits about you.

    Secondly, alert colleagues you can trust about his possible advances and ask them to stay attached to you like Velcro.

    Don't go anywhere alone where he's likely to follow you: take a girlfriend to the loo, make sure someone's with you when you go to refresh your drink and generally make it hard for him to be in a position to take advantage.

    If you do get caught, have a few get-out lines prepared: "Are you having a good time? Isn't this great! I'm just off to get Jeremy a drink and check on Melissa".

    If he tries to kiss or manhandle you, back away or firmly remove his hands and say, "I don't think this is a good idea, do you?", then follow it up with, "Will you excuse me a moment? I'm just going to get some food/a drink."

    If he's harmless, this should be enough to give him a reality check without being nasty.

    If he persists or things get scary, forget the pleasantries, just get yourself out of there and on the phone to the sexual harassment board the next day.

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