• "What sexy treat shall I get my girlfriend for Christmas?"


    I want to treat my girlfriend to something really special sexually for Christmas. Any suggestions?


    Buy a small chest and turn it into a toy box for grownups - fill it with a vibrator, massage oil, silk stockings, blindfolds, sexy books and some erotic films.

    Then add some good sex books with various themes - and lots of pictures! Save it for a night pre the xmas rush, then set up the bedroom for a bed picnic...

    Not only does she get presented her with her toy box, you'll also have a bottle of bubbly on ice, some finger-foods (chocolate dipped strawberries and other exotic treats) and something sexy playing on the stereo.

    After you've both slipped into something sexy, flick through the books armed with some post-it notes, putting stickers on things you'd like to try. It's much easier to point to a picture and say "I'd like to try that", than it is to say "I'd like you to buy a Batman suit and I'll pretend I'm Robin and you come up from behind..."

    When you're finished, swap and then agree on things you'd like to follow through on, making sure they put a sparkle in both your eyes. Once you've done your homework, have some fun!

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