• "What's a sexy treat for my boyfriend for Christmas?"


    What's a nice sexy treat for my boyfriend for Christmas? I refuse to dress up as Santa's helper!


    Where's your Christmas spirit girl?! Never miss the chance for a bit of fancy dress because it works wonders for your sex life!

    You get to be someone else, which loosens your inhibitions, he gets to sleep with someone new and indulge any wicked fantasies he has, without being unfaithful in reality.

    Still not keen to pull on the red Christmas dress complete with silly hat? Why not give him a present that promises a year of great sex: a sex noticeboard!

    Here's the idea... Buy a large pinboard, some blank coloured cards and drawing pins. Now make a list of your 'sex favourites'...

    Include things like: my favourite place to have sex. Time of the day to have sex. Favourite kissing technique. Where I like being kissed most. Things I'd like to try but haven't. Secret parts of my body I most like being kissed/licked/touched...

    Keep your answers cheeky and seductive - titillating but also informative. Not only will it turn him on, it'll give him insight into your sexual psyche.

    Get him to do the same, both update it at least once a month with new suggestions and you're set for a year of sizzling sex.

    If you've got the cash, also indulge in some pre-done saucy sex cards . Scatter these among the others as added inspiration.

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