• "Will a penis ring keep me hard after I orgasm so I can pleasure my girlfriend?"


    Do penis rings work? Will they keep me hard after I orgasm so I can carry on pleasuring my girl?


    Okay, here's the first thing you need to understand: you don't need an erect penis or marathon bouts of intercourse to pleasure your girl.

    A longer lasting erection might be nice if she's in the mood for a big intercourse session but the truth is, most women don't usually want intercourse to last forever.

    Often, it just makes us feel raw and sore (you need to add lube if you do intend shagging for England) and it gets boring (sorry, but I'm being honest).

    I'm not trying to completely burst your bubble but most women don't have their orgasms through penetrative sex (intercourse) anyway.

    More than 80% orgasm via the clitoris, which means via your tongue or fingers or a vibrator.

    So it might be an idea to spend more time on foreplay, rather than worry about how long you're lasting during intercourse.

    If you'd like to try a penis ring anyway, here's how they work: they make an erect penis harder and bigger and delay orgasm by restricting blood flow and holding blood in the shaft of the penis.

    It can also mean a bigger, more intense orgasm for you when you finally do ejaculate, because it takes longer to climax and the penis has more blood in it.

    Try a simple version which simply slips over the head of the penis, settling near the shaft.

    You'll find some made from jelly or silicone, so they're not threatening. There's also a love ring in my range that is inexpensive and has a tiny vibrator attached, which works on her clitoris during intercourse.

    When you put it on, it should feel slightly but not excessively tight.

    Remove it if there's too much swelling, however pleasing that looks, and never, ever leave it on for a long period unless you want to cause serious damage.

    Get into the habit of removing it the second you've ejaculated - falling asleep with one on, isn't a great idea.

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