• "How can I help my husband to enjoy performing oral sex on me?"


    I cannot orgasm during sex, the only way I can orgasm is if my husband performs oral sex on me. To be quite honest he doesn't enjoy doing it as much anymore because I am not satisfied after intercourse.


    You're not abnormal to only orgasm during oral sex - you're normal. Only about 20-30% of women can orgasm purely through penile penetration, most need clitoral stimulation and the best, most delicious way to do this is with a soft, wet tongue!

    You don't need 'fixing' - what's needed here is an attitude adjustment on the part of your husband. He needs to understand this isn't your problem, simply a fact. The clitoris is outside the vagina, not inside it!

    Explain to him that while you might not orgasm through intercourse, it doesn't mean you don't find it satisfying. Then get him into the habit of giving you an orgasm with his tongue before you move onto intercourse.

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