• "Are we having enough sex?"


    My girlfriend and I are happy but we're worried we don't have enough sex. We get the impression everyone else is having a lot more sex than we are and it worries us.


    There is a perception that happy couples have good sex most of the time. Sadly, it's more an optimistic myth than reality.

    Like, I might kid myself my neighbour's buying me a private jet for my birthday but I'll still receive just a card.

    Toss your worries out of the window immediately: show me a couple who are having out-of-control, raging, lusty sex every night after years of sharing the same bed and I'll show you a couple with very big noses. Aka Pinocchio.

    It's possible, sure, but you'd be flat out holding down a job with the amount of energy it would take to sustain it. Life and all its pressures get in the way of all of us.

    Does it mean boastful friends are lying if they claim to have fabulous sex after five years of marriage and two kids? Well, they may think you have a great sex life and don't want to admit they don't. Or their definition of great sex is different than yours. Or they really do have terrific sex - once a month.

    It's all subjective. If you're both happy with the amount of sex you're having, it's the perfect amount to be having.

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