• "How do I stop my husband getting too excited with our new sex toys?"


    My husband and I bought some new sex toys and we love them! Trouble is, he now gets so excited, he comes so quickly neither of us is satisfied. It's over too fast and I'm sick of feeling horny at the end of it!


    New toys to play with means new sensations and experiences - and a sexual jolt that invigorates our libido - making us more sensitive and more susceptible to orgasming quickly. It's not his fault he's fast to finish - he's simply enjoying the novel sensations on offer.

    Instead, change the order and focus from him - to you. Get him to make sure you're satisfied before he gets his turn by getting him to try out new things you'd like to try on you first.

    If you've had one or two orgasms before he does, you both should be satisfied. And why are you stopping after he's had one anyway?

    Another good plan would be for him to have his orgasm then pleasure you until he's aroused again. A second orgasm usually takes longer to achieve.

    Other general tricks to slow him down? The more often he masturbates - particularly if he does it an hour or so before having sex with you - the longer he'll take to orgasm with you. Switch stimulation during sex sessions.

    If you feel he's about to lose it, stop what you're doing and switch from using your hands, mouth, toy or whatever to something else. By the way, if by using toys you mean you're inserting things up his bottom, I'm not surprised he's coming quickly.

    The prostate gland is inside his anus and pressing on it virtually guarantees a big, intense - quick - climax. Save that for the finale!

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