• "I think my partner is a sex addict, what do I do?"


    I think my partner is a sex addict, what do I do?


    What you do about it depends very much on what you are basing your definition on. Is he a sex addict because he wants to have sex with you every day or twice a day? That's not sex addiction, that's a high libido. Is he cheating on you?

    Again, that's not necessarily sex addiction (though it is often cited as a handy excuse to try to get out of infidelity, aka Michael Douglas). Real sex addiction takes a far more sinister form. Is he having sex to the point where his genitals are rubbed raw – and still then wanting more? Is he having sex for reasons other than pure enjoyment?

    Can he control his desire when he has to? Is he putting his job, his personal health and/or his intimate relationships at risk because of his need to have sex? If the answer is no, it's probably not sex addiction but a case of you feeling pressure to satisfy his hearty appetite. If you think it is true sex addiction, do some research online. Sex Addicts Anonymous is a good place to start.

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