• "Can women become dependent on their vibrator?"


    Can women become dependent on their vibrator?


    Temporary numbness may occur (rarely) but sensitivity always returns. It's obviously not a good idea to use a vibrator if your genitals are sore or if you have any cuts or lesions, but that's common sense.

    Having said that, it's not a good idea to ONLY use your vibrator to achieve orgasm. Some women do become dependent on intense stimulation and find it more difficult to achieve orgasm from the less intense type provided by hands, tongue and penis.

    Fingers and tongues take longer and your body can become conditioned to only orgasm through vibratory stimulation. It's for this reason you shouldn't use a vibrator every single time.

    In fact, you shouldn't rely on any specific technique to orgasm every single time. If you're only having orgasms from fingers or tongue or penetration you're heading for the same problems.

    The trick to becoming multi-orgasmic and reaching your full orgasmic potential is to 'teach' yourself to orgasm through a variety of techniques: with a vibrator, through oral sex, manual masturbation (his or your fingers) and during intercourse with him (or you) manually stimulating clitoris.

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