• "My sperm just oozes out. How can I make it shoot?"


    I'm always reading about sperm 'shooting' out, whereas mine just sort of oozes. Is this a problem?


    Sperm is ejaculated through the opening in the head of the penis by the muscle spasm of orgasm.

    The force at which it's projected depends on the force of the muscle contractions: the more powerful they are, the further the sperm 'shoots'.

    Why some men could aim for China and probably get there and others 'ooze', as you charmingly put it, is simply because we're individuals.

    Your penile muscle strength is like all the other muscles in your body – it varies according to genes and fitness level (ie how often you use them).

    Another factor is the consistency of your semen, affected by diet, health and how frequently you ejaculate. The thinner the semen, the further it will spurt.

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    • Berwyn Thomas: May 13, 2008 09:01
      Hi Tracey,
      Tell him not to worry about it oozing out. I'm 55 years old and mine has always been like this. We've had 2 boys so obviously it still gets up there to fertilize the eggs.
      It's got nothing to do with your performance
    • Shaun MacLeod: May 13, 2008 09:36
      Tell this guy to use it more and strehgthen the penile muscle. Even a good spell of masturbation a few times a day will show improvements after a week or so and i can tell you this from experience.
    • jez collinge: September 18, 2008 01:45
      Ok, the trick (from my experience) is to masturbate for a long time - say 2-4 hours - continually reaching the point of orgasm, then stopping, before resuming a minute or two later, getting to that point again, then stopping. And so on. When you finally let yourself cum, it will shoot anything up to about 3 feet!!!

      What also helps is not having ejaculated for a while. If you've ejaculated say within the last few hours, it's going to be really difficult to get a spurt rather than a dribble.

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