• "My partner thinks I fake orgasms because I don't get wet. What can I do?"


    When my partner and I have sex and it feels good, I have an orgasm but there is nothing there to prove it because I don't get wet. My partner thinks I am faking it because there's no wet spot. Is there a product that can help make this happen as I'm embarrassed and it's starting to make me feel nervous about having sex at all!


    I think you're talking about two separate issues here: lubrication and female ejaculation. We naturally lubricate or get wet when we're aroused. The point of it is to ensure your vagina is prepared for comfortable penetration by his penis so it happens before you orgasm.

    But you're talking about being wet after orgasm, which makes me think you're talking about female ejaculation. Some women do ejaculate fluid on orgasm but lots don't. So I don't see why he thinks you're faking it just because you're not creating a wet spot!

    Start by educating your partner - tell him it's completely possible for someone to orgasm without producing lots of fluid. Also tell him that unlike men, most women don't orgasm every time with their partners anyway.

    Our sexual system is much more complicated than his, so if he's expecting an orgasm every time from you, you would have to fake it because it's unlikely to happen!

    What you can do to ensure you're lubricated however, is to buy some personal lubricant (try my Supersex Love Lube) and place a dab of it high into your vagina before you start having sex. His fingers and gravity will pull it down during the session and this will make sex more pleasurable for you in all ways.

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    • Catrabbit: July 23, 2008 10:01
      I hate to say it but your partner has watched far too much 'squirting' porn and is gullible enough to not be able to tell the difference between vaginal lubricant, pee, glycerine solution, water or a 'cream pie', nor for that matter can he differentiate between the genuine 'amateur' porn, fully pro. porn and the 'faked' amateur.

      I think you will have a had time educating him in the face of such easily-led insensitivity, and maybe a new partner is the way to go, particularly if you are looking for someone to settle down with long term.

      That he won't believe your assurances that you are cuming, suggests further lack of trust on his part?

    • Catrabbit: July 23, 2008 10:04
      I'm male by the way and have learnt that no two women on the surface of the planet cum the same way!!!
    • Mich: March 28, 2009 23:47
      Haven't men seen how the woman's nipples get hard when she cums????? That's a sure fire way to know she has had her orgasm!
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