• "Are there two different types of orgasm, vaginal and clitoral?"


    I only discovered I could have an orgasm at the age of 45! I've always enjoyed sex and had quite a few partners but could never get past a certain point to climax. I bought my first rabbit from Lovehoney and it happened within several minutes and I really couldn't believe I had missed out on all those years.

    But I'd like now to know if there are two different types of orgasm. I confided in friends that I could now orgasm through my clitoris and they said I should now try to have a vaginal orgasm. Is this true and how different do they feel?


    Congratulations, first up! You won't be the last and certainly aren't the first woman to have her first orgasm via a vibrator rather than a penis!

    The reason why is that nearly all women orgasm via clitoral stimulation and a penis is woefully inadequate for achieving this through intercourse.

    Some sex therapists argue ALL female orgasms are sparked by clitoral stimulation and that even if you can orgasm through penetration alone, it's because the clitoris is being indirectly 'pulled' by the thrusting motion.

    Then there's a totally different school of thought which centres around G-spot or front vaginal wall orgasms, an area which is packed with nerve endings.

    This involves him (or you) using your fingers, a specially shaped vibrator or him positioning himself in a certain way so he hits the front wall of your vagina (the bit below your belly).

    If you do want to try this method to have a 'vaginal' orgasm, read the relevant sections in either of my books, Kama Sutra or The Sex Doctor. Or you could just relax and keep enjoying having orgasms the way most women experience them.

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