• "A few of my girlfriends have started getting anal bleaching. Is it safe to do?"


    A few of my girlfriends have started getting anal bleaching, saying it really turns their partner on. Is it safe to do?


    Yes it is safe, if a bit of a fad! It involves a beautician (call ahead to check it's on the menu) waxing your anus so it's hairless then applying a cream which lightens the colour of your sphincter, which is naturally darker than the rest of the area surrounding it.

    It's usually the same type of cream used to treat age spots and skin discolourations. Porn stars do it all the time to make their bottoms look pink and herein lies the appeal.

    Bleaching is a bit like getting a brazilian. He'll find it a turn on the first few times then soon get used to it! Give it a go if you fancy it though!

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