• Sex Advice: Loud and proud or timid and quiet?

    Loud and Proud or Timid and Quiet?

    For every lover who shouts, "Thank you God!" at the top of their lungs at the crucial moment, there's one who remains completely and utterly silent.

    If you're a loud, lusty girl in bed with an equally passionate vocal guy, feel free to wake up the people in the next county, though remember you may have to stand in line with them at the supermarket the next day.

    Shyer types may find your theatrics alarming - we distrust what we're not used to and shy tends to date shy and rowdy, rowdy. Others simply don't believe all that sheet-gripping and dramatic thrashing about is genuine and suspect you've seen one too many B-grade sex scenes. I'd play it safe at the start, then up the volume gradually.

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    • heather: August 25, 2008 21:35
      i am one of those very shy and quiet types and for some reason most of the guys that i know dont like women who are like this. they prefer the loud and vocal girls vs. the shy and quite type. Some of the men i know will have sex with a girl until she screams either in pleasure or in pain. I find it wrong and degrading. can you tell me what your opinon is? Im not offended by the loud girls im just shy at heart.
    • pam: August 29, 2008 02:35
      I am the loud and proud woman and it is very genuine when I am with the right man. I think that if we let go of all of our inhibitions and just enjoy more women would be like this. I do look like the very quiet type but when in the bedroom I am exactly the opposite. I enjoy lovemaking very much.Why shouldn't we enjoy it as much as the man.
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