• "I used to have fantastic sex with my partner but now we're in a rut. Any tips?"


    I used to have fantastic sex with my partner but now we honestly can't be bothered. I guess we're lazy and in a rut. The thought of trying something like tantric sex makes us want to run for the hills but have you got any easy tips?


    You're out of the habit, not in a rut. If you want to have more sex, have more sex - it sounds simply but it works!

    Start doing something sexual on a daily basis. Mornings are for five minutes of foreplay - oral sex, a hand-job - but a taste of it, rather than a happy ending. In the evening, you finish the job.

    I don't care if it's a quickie or done with hands or tongues, just do it. Reintroduce snuggling. In front of the telly, spooning in bed.

    During all of this, talk, talk and talk more - about what you like, what you need, what you'd like to try.

    Heat up your sex life

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