• Sex Advice: Sex solutions for every problem

    Sex Advice: Sex Solutions for Every Scenario From Tracey Cox

    Too tired, too bloated, too drunk? Whatever the situation, beat the lust-busters with a move for every moment and mood.

    You're Having a Fat Day

    What you want: A position which hides bulges and keeps you semi-covered and preferably stops his hands going anywhere near your tummy, love handles or other current no-go zones.

    Intimate Instructions: Rear-entry positions are the most flattering for all kinds of body shapes. Kneel facing away from him, lean down to rest your weight on your forearms and push your bottom tantalizingly high in the air, in his direction. Not only does it give him a visual treat, the angle and position makes your waist look tiny and your thighs slim and taut. It cleverly and effectively hides your other bits because you're leaning forward out of view. Get him to hold his hands on your hips to hold you steady while he thrusts and you've also solved the wandering hands problem.

    You're Half Asleep

    What you want: A zero-effort session where he won't notice if you nod off during the boring bits, plus a super-speedy orgasm for him so you can be snoring in the spoon position in no time.

    Intimate Instructions: Chances are you're lying in the spoons position anyway, eyes determinedly shut, despite his penis prodding you in the back, so this really is lazy-girl sex. You're on your side, your back to his front, now lift your bottom to allow him to penetrate and then tighten your thighs for maximum friction. His hands can then reach around to stimulate your clitoris - you might want it over and done with, but that shouldn't stop you sneaking in a quick orgasm as well!

    You've got your period

    What you want: A position which doesn't bump or show off a bloated, tender tummy, and doesn't involve washing the sheets afterward.

    Intimate Instructions: The shower is an obvious choice given the mess problem, but it works for other reasons: warm water running over your abdomen feels soothing if you've got period bloat. Try putting your hands on the shower wall for balance, and let him enter from behind as you stand on tip-toes and push your bottom up and outward. Alternatively, put your back against the shower wall and lift one leg as high as you can, resting your calf against the side of his shoulder. He holds your thigh and under your bottom to support you as he thrusts gently.

    You've both had too much to drink

    What you want: A way to make the most of your alcohol induced lack of inhibition without landing you both in jail. Help with a wonky erection wouldn't go amiss either.

    Intimate Instructions: The second you're in the front door - better still, don't shut it completely - go for it! Don't remove your clothes, just unzip and pull your panties to one side - having sex while fully clothed feels lustily risqué, as if you just can't wait. Another way to be naughty but not risk anything is to do it in front of a window with the lights off. You can see everyone else walking past/watching TV, so it feels like you're recklessly having sex in front of them, but they can't see you. If you can feel his erection draining, get him in a position where he's on top. Gravity then works in his favour, keeping all the blood in the penis rather than draining away from it.

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