• Sex Advice: How to up the number and intensity of your orgasms

    How to up the number and intensity of your orgasms!

    Up the number and intensity of your orgasms by trying any (and all) of the following...

    Don't race to get to the finish line - The longer you spend on foreplay, the more enhanced it will be for both of you.

    Alternate oral sex with intercourse - If he's too close to coming, change activities. Get him to give you oral sex until he feels more in control.

    Don't be a clockwatcher - Stop wondering whether his tongue's gone numb, wipe the 'If I don't come soon, he's going to miss the football' thoughts. The best lover in the world is the man who says, 'Take your time honey – I love doing it to you as much as you like receiving it' (and means it).

    Give her a head start - Give her an orgasm through oral sex or masturbation before intercourse. Give him one orally, so his second intercourse orgasm lasts longer.

    Don't treat her clitoris like it's a lift button - Some men think the more they press it, the quicker you'll zoom to the top. Most women climax if you work around the base of the clitoris rather than touch it directly.

    Masturbate more - Researchers claim it increases your sexual appetite because the more orgasms we have, the more our bodies expect.

    Get wet - It doesn't mean you're not turned on if you're not lubricating like crazy; you might just be at a different stage of the menstrual cycle, stressed or tired. Accept that sometimes you'll need to add artificial lubricant.

    Supercharge your sex life

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    • Denis Fitzpatrick: October 14, 2008 17:17
      a woman will ejaculate my partener does soak her self if I PLAY WITH HER CLIT FOR ANYTHING UP TO ONE HOUR
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