• "I'm 56, will smart balls help me to have a better sex life with my husband?"


    I have been reading a lot about smart balls. Are they really as good as people are saying? I am 56 and I think my vagina could be tighter.

    My husband and I have a very active sex life but for me, although it is still good, it's not as good as it used to be. Will these help?


    Smart balls are silicone coated balls with another set of balls inside them that rotate silently as they move. You insert them and they stimulate, massage and exercise the pelvic floor muscles.

    They, and other pelvic floor exercisers, are aids to help you ensure you're doing 'kegel' exercises properly. Some people really rate them but you don't need them to keep your vagina tight and toned. Simply hold and squeeze repeatedly, a couple of sets of 15 a day and that should do the trick.

    The best way to keep the vagina tight and toned however is through regular sex - which you're clearly having! Our vaginas naturally get looser as we get older and while it's admirable to want to keep it healthy, don't get paranoid and expect your body to behave as it was when you were 21.

    As for sex not being as good, it's probably because your natural hormone levels are dropping. Are you on HRT? That can sometimes boost a flagging libido. You might also benefit by slowing things down and changing your expectations.

    You can have great sex up until the day you die, but it's going to be different to the type of sex you had when you were younger. It may take slower for you to become aroused. Orgasm might not happen every time. Your body is changing and so are your sexual preferences. Explore anew.

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