• "My selfish boyfriend wants everything but gives nothing. What can I do?"


    My boyfriend is very one-sided in bed. He doesn't want to use sex toys, doesn't even want me to use them.

    He wants me to give him oral sex and to masturbate him, but he refuses to give me oral sex or masturbate me.

    He also will not let me touch myself in front of him. How do I get him to come around and try new things? This is hurting our relationship.


    Forget what this is doing to your relationship, what's this guy doing to you! His behaviour is totally and utterly unforgiveable. It's selfish, controlling and I want you to dump this man immediately, if not sooner.

    He's not just saying his sexual pleasure is more important than yours, he's saying you don't deserve to have your needs met at all.

    Get rid of him and then I want you to vet all your future boyfriends with a trusted friend until your self-esteem is high enough never to put up with anything like this ever again.

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    • Mick: October 01, 2008 16:12
      You dont have to be Tracey Cox to answer that one :)
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