• Sex Advice: Sex doesn't need to be stale!

    It doesn't need to be stale, everyday couples can have exceptional sex!

    Monogamy doesn't have to be synonymous with monotony. Change up the variables and sex will seem entirely new and different!

    Picture your favourite restaurant. Now imagine dining there every single night for the rest of your life. After a month, that greasy takeaway shop is looking appealing! Sex with the same person can be like that. Why would you fancy a hamburger when you could have prime rump? Simple. You're bloody sick of prime rump!

    Monogamy and monotony don't have to go together like peaches and cream. Instead, change up the variables and sex will seem entirely new and different!

    You can make love to the same person for the rest of your life in a million different ways, places and situations. Naked, half naked or clothed, clothes ripped off or stripped off. Sex can be slow and sensual, raw and wicked, intense and erotic; a two hour marathon or a two-minute quickie up against the fridge. Dinner outside, dinner in - with dessert eaten off each other's bodies.

    Does monogamy have to be boring? Absolutely not!

    Heat up your sex life

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    • paul: October 03, 2008 12:40
      my lady friend usually has a glass of white wine to drink in between sucks we find i works well for us two
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