• "My gay friends talk about 'dick whipping'. Can you tell me what this means?"


    I've got lots of gay male friends and they talk about 'dick whipping'.

    When I asked what it was, they said to ask my boyfriend but he didn't have any idea either. What is it?


    It sounds more intimidating than it is! It simply involves removing his penis completely from your mouth during oral sex and, holding it at the base, gently flicking or 'slapping' it against your cheek, before continuing.

    Some guys like it done a bit harder but if you're going to experiment start soft.

    I wouldn't rate it as the best oral technique you'll ever learn (the tongue swirl – swirling the flat of your tongue around the edge of the head – is far more popular) but it's something new to try.

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    • Stu: January 05, 2009 16:50
      We bought on of your leather whips and afterwards when my wife had had enough she said turn over on all fours and lets see how you like it.
      She gently (at first) flicked the whip against my balls and cock and I ended up begging for more!
      At the end of the day, if it feels good then do it and then do it again to make sure!
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