• Sex Advice: Can a woman ejaculate like a man?

    Can a woman really ejaculate like a man?

    There has been a lot of debate over female ejaculation, but there are several explanations to this amazing phenomena.

    Fifteen years ago, female ejaculation was a hotly contested topic. Visit your doctor and confess that, 'ummm, sometimes a little bit of liquid comes out when you, umm, you know' and you'll be branded incontinent before you can say 'hang on; I really don't think it is wee.' These days most sex researchers assume all women ejaculate, but often in amounts too small to be noticed, even though it's not entirely clear what purpose it serves because the fluid releases too late to act as lubrication.

    Ejaculation appears to be linked to the mechanism that closes off the urinary tract during orgasm. If the orgasmic response is super-strong, this closing mechanism can be overcome by the sheer force of orgasmic contractions. This means one or two spurts of urine could be expelled from the bladder quite forcefully, coinciding with the orgasmic contractions. However, when analysed, the fluid doesn't have the same make-up as a usual urine sample because it's contaminated by other fluids.

    Others believe it's not the closing mechanism but periurethral glands surrounding the urethral tube, which are similar to the male prostate. Under extreme stimulation, these glands produce a liquid that's chemically similar to his seminal fluid.

    Another popular theory, supported by many of my lesbian friends who claim they and their girlfriends ejaculate on a regular basis, is that ejaculation is linked to the G-spot or a sensitive spot on the front vaginal wall. If the initial theory is true – that it's just a spurt of urine caused by a brief relaxation of the bladder muscles after intense stimulation and orgasm, this seems about right to me. Stimulation of the G-spot initially makes most of us want to pee and front wall orgasms are fierce, so it doesn't seem too much of a stretch of the imagination to imagine the two are linked.

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