• "Lots of people don't think women can ejaculate. What's your opinion?"


    I've just started ejaculating in my mid forties with my new partner but really have no idea why or how!

    Luckily my partner loves it but I see lots of people still don't even think it's possible. What's your opinion?


    The jury is still out but personally, I think women can. I've met too many women who have and have no reason to lie to me.

    Ejaculation appears to be caused by stimulation of the G-spot, which is the area of the urethral sponge tissue - erectile tissue wrapped around the urethra - that you can feel on the front vaginal wall.

    It contains between 30 to 40 glands and these glands are thought to be responsible for the production of the fluid females ejaculate.

    Interestingly, it contains prostate-specific antigen (which is also present in semen).

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    • Tin: November 20, 2008 09:19
      It happens, I've seen it and tasted it! It never shot out, just a huge gush of 'juices'!
    • Valerie: March 27, 2009 01:15
      I too am one of those women that can ejaculate and discovered this ability when I bought my first bullet vibe a few years ago. Sometimes it's a little, sometimes it seems like a flood but either way my fiance loves it!
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