• "I get too tingly and have to stop before orgasm - what can I do?"


    When my partner stimulates my clitoris I get a tingly feeling up to the point that I can't take it anymore, so I stop him.

    Why is this and how can I carry on so I can have an orgasm?


    This 'tingly' feeling is the feeling of pressure building around the clitoral area. When we're aroused, blood pumps to the genitals causing the area to become erect.

    Just as he gets an erection, so do you - except yours is hidden. (The part of the clitoris you see is just the tip, there's lots of it hidden below the surface.)

    An orgasm is simply the moment when the pressure builds so much, the body releases the blood back into the bloodstream causing feelings of euphoria.

    The thing is, if you've never had an orgasm it can feel quite strange, like you're about to explode! Once you realise you won't explode and have had your first orgasm, you will relax into it.

    The quickest, easiest way to orgasm is with a vibrator. I'd suggest you buy one, hold it on the closed lips of your labia (vaginal lips) and see what happens.

    Once you've had an orgasm that way, I think you'll be more comfortable letting go with your boyfriend. Most women have their first orgasm solo and lots with a vibrator.

    If you don't fancy a vibrator, use your fingers to recreate the sensation your boyfriend creates and go from there. Don't forget to use lubrication, keeping the area nice and wet!

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