• "My friends tell me sex on Ecstasy is great. I'm tempted but is this true?"


    I am a highly sexual person and really enjoy sex. My friends keep telling me how great sex is on E and I'm tempted to try it just for the experience. Is this true?


    In one study, 83% of users said Ecstasy did enhance sex making it more intense and loving, though most found it hard to orgasm.

    It's because the drug alters our perceptions, flooding the body with a chemical that makes us feel 'loved up'. Sounds great except taking it, even once, even a small amount, can kill you.

    The best sex stimulants are your hands, mouths, genitals, heart and a clear, active imagination. You're already having great sex, is it worth risking your life for a one-off experience that might not even result in an orgasm?

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    • STacey: October 28, 2008 10:55
      Alternitavely there are perfectly legal equivilent highs available that give you a similar buzz, with none of the risks. Try XXX Diablo or another form of legal high.
    • xSweetyx: October 29, 2008 12:23
      There are no tests which can tell you if you will be allergic and have a fatal reaction to the drug. But, If you do want to take the risk, then be aware that:
      You wont know what you're getting in each pill (don't be the first one to try it)
      You will feel the loved up effect strongly the first few times, but after a while the drug will rewire your brain slightly (which is permanent) this means that no matter how much you take you will only feel a slight up, and then feel wasted.
      When I say feel wasted - this refers to being on the edge of conciousness - and drooling in the corner all night (not really that fun)
      If you get used to taking mdma often, then you will find it difficult to enjoy yourself without using it.
      Frequent use (once a week) will lead to lack of short term memory, loss of appetite. Also lack of concentration span, which means work or study become increasingly difficult.
      It can cause hallucinations the first times you use it.
      Body temperature becomes elevated, and it can be difficult to ensure you are the correct temperature and hydration. You can die from drinking too little or TOO MUCH water, and being to warm or too cold because it distorts the ability to sense the temperature.
      You will feel more relaxed around people and find it easier to talk to friends - or you may wake up the next morning and wish you hadnt said something to someone.
      Unlike alcohol, you will remember what you did.
      You will probably stay awake for a very long time after taking a pill, or that could be because someone has mixed a load of amphetamines in it.
      People describe the experience as coming in waves, when the first "come up" hits them they say coulours change, its warmer, and you could feel like you have shaking legs (again leading to sitting in the corner all night)
      Or you could spend everycome up vomiting. A lot of people find the intensity of sensations nauseating, and vomit isnt fun.
      And of course the come down...
      You can be affected in many different ways as peoples brain chemistry is different.
      You could feel slightly down a few days later.
      You could feel violently depressed a few days later.
      You could be one of the odd people who stay feeling happy for a couple of days, but you normally find these are depressed people who are self medicating - and they really should go to the doctor instead.

      And the big thing about E is... It's naughty, naughty, very naughty - It's illegal.

      And legal highs - normally just expensive caffeine or estrogenic herbs.
      The best way to enjoy sex is follow Traceys advice above.

    • Valerie: March 27, 2009 01:02
      E is far from safe and repeated use can cause symptoms similar to Alzheimer's, literally making your brain look like swiss cheese (yes, I've seen actual medical CT and MRI scans of Ecstacy user's brains). As grim said you may be an adult and able to make your own decisions but the best decisions are made when fully informed of the consequences!
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