• Sex Advice: 7 ways to spice up your masturbation

    Seven Ways to Spice Up your Masturbation

    Masturbation shouldn't just be a means to an end (although a very satisfying one!), it should be something that is enjoyed and savoured, too.

    Masturbation, like sex, can become routine and dull. It shouldn't just be a way of getting off, it should be a way of exploring your own body and finding out exactly what feels good. With these tips, both men and women can turn their masturbation sessions from simply functional to simply astounding!

    1. Masturbate in Semi-Public

    Want the added spice of danger? Try masturbating in the toilet at work, on a plane or at a party. Do it while you're driving or under a blanket on a long, boring train journey. One girl I know can bring herself to orgasm (and continue a conversation) by sitting on the floor with her legs tucked under her, heel pressed firmly against her clitoris.

    2. Watch Yourself in a Mirror

    You'll see how you look when you're turned-on and the sexy expressions you make while you orgasm.

    3. Caress More Than Just Your Genitals

    People often forget that they have erogenous zones beside the genitals. Try rubbing or pinching your nipples or stroking your stomach just above your pubic hair as you're about to orgasm.

    4. Leave Your Underwear On

    Slide your fingers sensually under the waistband or around the sides of your underwear - it'll bring back memories of those first forbidden touches!

    5. Masturbate Whilst Sat In a Chair

    Rest your back against one arm of the chair and dangle your legs over the other for the perfect view. Or spread your legs so one is over each arm for a gloriously wanton experience.

    6. Stand Up or Lean Against a Wall

    Standing up allows your blood to flow downwards, towards your genitals creating some truly unique sensations that you may never have felt if your usual position is lying down.

    7. Squat Indian Style!

    Sit down and draw your legs towards your body. Put your weight onto your feet as if you were going to stand up but instead just rock forward so you're squatting with your bottom off the floor. From this position you'll have fantastic access to your genitals and be able to tease and stroke all around them, too.

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    • mick: November 24, 2008 17:54
      we find watching each other masterbate is a real turn on .
    • Vaja: May 10, 2017 12:57
      Is it normal to masturbate once or twice in a month
    • Bigger: August 29, 2017 04:06
      Ya lol
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