• "I'm a 24 year-old man and still a virgin. Should I tell a woman on a date?"


    I'm a 24 year-old man but I'm still a virgin. I'm a bit nervous about sex and I do get nervous around women.

    I'm worried women may be put off by the fact I've never had sex.

    Should I tell a woman during a date if it's leading to sex or should I read books on how to pleasure women so at least I will know what to do if that time comes?


    I'd certainly educate yourself by reading some good sex books but as to whether to tell her, the best advice I can give is it depends on the relationship.

    If she's warm and loving, confess. If she's quite sassy and you're a little in awe of her and not sure of her reaction, don't. If it's all over and done with in the first thrust, just blame it on her being so damn gorgeous.

    Inexperience doesn't necessarily mean less pleasure for her - it can be the opposite. As a virgin, you'll probably try harder. Let her guide you if you've confessed and you'll figure it out pretty quickly.

    If you haven't, work out a game plan from the books and hope for the best. An effective way to get around the problem of ejaculating too soon is to masturbate just before you see her, so you'll be less sensitive.

    If you're really worried, masturbate twice: once in the afternoon, once just before you walk out of the door to meet her that night. Tell her it's unlikely you'll last long (you're a virgin/so turned on by her - depending on what your story is) but there's always the second time. And third. And fourth.

    One common mistake you need to be wary of: don't be too penis-centric. Because you've never done 'it', intercourse (not surprisingly) tends to become the main focus of sex for you.

    Don't let it be and make sure you give her lots of foreplay.

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