• "He doesn't want to try anything new in the bedroom. What can I do?"


    My boyfriend and I have been together for over two years. We used to have sex almost every day, now I'm lucky if I get it once every two weeks to three weeks.

    He doesn't want to try anything new. We don't have oral sex anymore except from my side, all he wants to do is dive straight in to intercourse.

    What can I do apart from find someone else for pleasure?


    Quite frankly, unless he lifts his game, you'd be quite justified in telling your boyfriend where to go.

    He's being incredibly selfish and completely ignoring the fact that the female body isn't built for the same type of sex than he's satisfied with.

    Sit him down and explain to him that oral sex, foreplay and trying new things isn't a luxury in bed, it's essential to get you turned on. Make it clear it's non-negotiable and see what his reaction is.

    If nothing changes, exit left. If he's this selfish and stubborn in bed, I can only imagine what it's like out of it.

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