• Sex Advice: How a sensual massage can really get you in the mood

    How A Sensual Massage Can Really Get You In The Mood!

    Schedule it for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when you have hours to while away and enjoy the most amazing sensual massage that will turn you both on!

    Take the phone off the hook, put something slow and sexy on the stereo and make sure the room is warm. It's more pleasurable for both of you if you're both undressed.

    However, if you really want to make his day, leave one thing on (like a pair of sexy knickers or high heels) while you're massaging him. Aim to spend at least an hour sensuously plying him with your hands.

    I've written this for a woman to follow, but the same technique will work on her, too.

    Get him to lie face down and cover all the bits you're not massaging with towels. Start by warming some scented oil or baby oil between your palms. Not gently stroke along his back.

    Skim your fingertips very lightly over the skin to make it supersensitive ( this is the bit where he gets goosebumps) before moving onto firmer strokes.

    You don't need to be a professional because almost anything feels good, but you could try some or all of the following strokes:


    Make firm circular movements with the hands, working outward and away from the backbone (the hand movements mirror each other).


    Put your hands on the lowest part of his buttocks, palms flat and fingers pointing toward his head. Use the weight of your body and push both hands up along the spine.


    Use your thumbs in a circular motion to ease muscular tension, particularly in tight areas. Similarly, try running your knuckles along either side of his spine for an exceptionally blissful sensation. Generally, you should always work upward and away from the spine.

    Make sure you pay attention to every (non-genital at this point) part of his body during the massage; massage his back and front including his hands, feet, bottom and chest.

    For the first half hour, make it more relaxing than sexy - for the last, tease him mercilessly! Run your hands over his perineum, rub his inner thighs and lower stomach, but don't touch his penis, no matter how much it strains towards you.

    After at least 45 minutes of stroking and kneading, he's ready for the piece de resistance: an erotic genital massage!

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