• "My boyfriend is travelling abroad and visiting sex shows. Can I trust him?"


    My boyfriend of three years is travelling while I'm going to college here.

    Although I initially told him that maybe we should turn a blind eye to any indiscretions that might happen in this time (partly I guess because I was looking for reassurance from him) he said that he didn't want this; that he would be faithful and he didn't think he was capable of cheating on someone anyway.

    Now I find out (through a friend) that he and his friends have been going to sex shows in Bangkok and I'm secretly fuming and very jealous! Do I still trust him? I can feel myself switching off... Help!


    Going to watch a live sex show isn't being unfaithful in my books, or an indication he's about to be.

    If you went to a strip club on a friend's hen's night and watched male strippers, would you consider you'd been unfaithful to him?

    No, I didn't think so. Yes, a live sex show is more hard core but the fact he's watching rather than having any physical contact, counts for a lot don't you think?

    Yes, it's probably not something you relish but the guy's travelling with the lads and taking in a live sex show is pretty much obligatory when going to Bangkok.

    I would still trust him but I would also let him know you know his 'secret' and ask him if he's still happy with the pact you made.

    If you keep things light and non-judgemental, you'll soon gauge by his reaction where his head's at now.

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