• "I've tried everything when it comes to sex and now I'm bored. Any suggestions?"


    I have tried everything I can think of when it comes to sex. I look in books and buy videos for new ideas, go to websites. I even bought a newspaper as it had an article written by five sex experts.

    But I've done everything in them. Sex is getting so boring. Any suggestions?


    Yes. Stop simply ticking things off a list and instead start connecting to the person or people you are having sex with.

    You remind me of a couple I worked with on The Sex Inspectors. They really had done just about anything possible when it came to pushing the boundaries on sex. They had every prop, dvd and toy known to man and, like you, they felt they'd been there and done that.

    My first step was to ban all the props and toys and 'kinky' sex and to take them back to basics. I made them have sex in bed, naked, in the missionary position. Bread and butter, no frills sex.

    Do you know what? They couldn't do it. It was far too intimate for them. I'm tempted to suggest the same for you. Stop trying new things and instead go back to basics. Connect with your partner. Explore the emotional side of sex rather than ticking off experiences.

    If you fancy it, maybe dip a toe into spiritual sex. My book Kama Sutra covers that sort of stuff if you'd like to give it a whirl.

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    • Kylie: December 13, 2008 20:02
      Tracey, I really love DP but find it difficult to get my butt up to speed in time for the 'main event'. Any advise on ways the guys can prep my ass early on in the game?
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