• Sex Advice: How to read the tell-tale signs when their orgasm is imminent

    When stimulating your partner, it's helpful to know if you're doing it right and when they're about to orgasm.

    Here are a few obvious signs that your partner is close to climax.

    For Him

    You'll probably notice his testes will rise towards his body, his penis will become purplish in colour and his breathing will alter. Also look for his 'orgasm face' – a tell-tale expression that he's about to climax. Is his head thrown back? What noises is he making?

    For Her

    You'll notice that her clitoris will become harder and the colour of her genitals will be redder and brighter. She'll also begin to breathe differently and her nipples may harden. Lots of women tip their heads back and lots briefly develop a red rash on their upper chest.

    Over time you'll start to notice signals that are unique to your partner and this will help you to identify when to keep going or when to change it up!

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