• "I cannot pull back my foreskin as it is too tight and I can't ejaculate during sex. Help!"


    When I masturbate I have no problem ejaculating, but when I have intercourse I can't orgasm. I also cannot pull back my foreskin as it is too tight. Is this why I cannot ejaculate during sex?


    You don't say if intercourse is painful or not but if it is, it could be you have a condition called phimosis. This means the foreskin is too tight to be completely pushed back over the head of the penis.

    By adolescence, most uncircumcised men can fully and painlessly retract their foreskin but sometimes an infection, or forced retraction of the foreskin (either during bathing or sex), can cause scar tissue to develop in the foreskin. Scar tissue doesn't stretch easily and can prevent full retraction of the foreskin.

    The treatment usually involves gentle stretching of the foreskin, sometimes with the help of creams or steroids to provide extra lubrication and relieve inflammation.

    Or a slit needs to be made in the foreskin or sometimes the foreskin is removed, otherwise known as circumcision.

    Make an appointment with a urologist and he will give you a professional diagnosis and suggested next steps.

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    • louise: January 12, 2014 16:46
      Hi, maybe a similar problem for me? Me and my boyfriend are 25yrs old and have been together since we were 17 so were each others 1sts. We waited for 6months before we had sex so its never really been a massively important part of our relationship but I would like it to be. Foreplay we both enjoy but that seems to be the base of our sex rather than intercourse itself. We do have intercourse after foreplay but it doesn't last long before my boyfriend needs me to make him erect again by masterbating him. We sometimes then try again in different positions and he has occasionally orgasmed through intercourse but 95% of the time it is through masterbation. I do ask him what he wants me to do/ where he wants me to touch, it keeps him turned on for longer but still ends up with the same outcome. I always orgasm quite quickly 50/50 to whether it's due to intercourse or foreplay. My concern is that we talk about having children in the future and wonder how that's going to be possible if he doesn't orgasm in the 'normal' way? I sometimes try to talk about it treading carefully letting him know that there is no pressure but I think it knocks his confidence and that's the last thing I want to do as it takes a bit of persuasion to get him turned on as it is. Please offer some advice. Thank you.
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