• Sex Advice: The good-in-bed checklist

    The good-in-bed checklist...

    Do you think that you are good in bed? Take a look a this checklist and if you can tick the boxes then there's a great chance you really are!

    You're knowledgeable about sex and have a good understanding of how your body and your partner's body works.

    You've had lots of practice - it can really perfect your technique.

    You've got the right attitude - off all these things, attitude - being able to let go and enjoy - is the most crucial.

    You'll try everything (within reason) once - say, "I've always wanted to try so-and-so, but I've never felt comfortable enough to suggest it with anyone else before," you score huge points.

    You play games - the more playful you are in bed, the higher you'll be rated as a lover. Loosen up a little, laugh a lot, drop the inhibitions and let your imagination run wild.

    You initiate sex as much as they do - it not only feels great at the end, it feels good at yours as well. Nothing is more empowering than being the one undoing the zip and promising the earth for having your wicked way.

    You keep your genitals fit - regular exercise of your PC muscles makes intercourse much better for both of you. The tighter her vagina, the more sensation she'll feel; the more control he has over his PC muscle, the more control he'll have over his erection.

    You spend roughly twice as much time on foreplay as you do on intercourse - if you've stopped thinking of intercourse as sex and foreplay as the stuff you do before you have intercourse, pat yourself on the back. Get into the habit of having sessions without any intercourse purely through oral sex or mutual masturbation.

    You put the effort in - a good lover accepts that great sex doesn't just happen when you're 10 years into the relationship.

    You laugh off embarrassment - if you're not making a fool of yourself now and then, you're staying within your comfort zone. Not good.

    You say no to sex occasionally - saying yes every single time means you're a 100 per cent Sure Thing. Marriage and living together removes a lot of the chase, so don't wipe out the last shred of it by removing all predictability.

    You know what you want and tell and show your partner - someone who knows their sexual triggers and isn't afraid to let their partners in on the secret gets the perfect 10.

    Your ex-lovers admit you were great in bed - if you've stayed friends, the conversation nearly always turns to 'Was I OK? Because you can be quite honest now'. They might still sugar things up to be nice, but if an ex raves about your past performance between the sheets, it's a safe bet they're telling the truth. If more than three exes adored one particular signature move, your sexual esteem gets an extra boost. Knowing you have a guaranteed knee-trembling, moan-maker works wonders.

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    • Signy Johannsdottir: January 03, 2009 20:37
      I love your books and your tips
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