• "I'm a 42 year-old happily married man but I don't think I last long enough. Help!"


    I am happily married to a gorgeous woman but my problem is that I don't think I last long enough.

    She says I do but I know she gets disappointed then it takes me about half hour or so to get erect again.

    I feel I let her down. What is the best cure for lasting longer? I am 42 years old.


    The first thing to realise is that you really don't need to have an erection to make your wife happy in bed. I'd suggest you focus less on trying to maintain an erection and more on pleasuring her using your tongue and fingers.

    The majority of women - like 70% - get their orgasms via oral sex or manual stimulation rather than penetration. You might be also surprised to know that most men only last about three to four minutes during penetration before ejaculating.

    Being able to get another erection in half an hour or so at your age, is also quite an achievement! You're beating yourself up unnecessarily.

    Take the pressure off by concentrating more on pleasuring her in ways that don't involve your penis - introduce a vibrator into bed, for instance. Become a master at oral sex.

    I have good, detailed guides in most of my sex books, if you'd like more information on technique or what most women like.

    Ask her what she needs and wants. I bet she doesn't say she's dreaming of marathon intercourse sessions!

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    • Stu: January 05, 2009 16:31
      Hi. I'm not braging here but my wifes problem is that sometimes I can go on too long and she gets sore. As she is going through 'that time of life' at present we always use a lube before I penetrate her.
      Hope this is of help?
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