• Sex Advice: Simple but impressive sex tips

    Use these simple tricks to impress and score sexual Brownie points.

    Try these easy-to-follow sexual tips and tricks to stand out from the crowd - your lover simply won't know what's hit them!

    For Him

    Adjust your thrusting style. Don't just move in and out, try moving sideways. Or try grinding in a circular motion, keeping the pressure on the clitoral area by maintaining contact throughout.

    During the standard rear-entry position - her on all fours, you behind - put your knees on either side of her instead of kneeling between her legs. In this position you can move forward so you're 'riding her', virtually sitting astride her back. While it's obviously not for tall/tiny combos, it's actually very sexy and not uncomfortable for her at all.

    For Her

    Change location. Pounce on your partner anywhere but the bedroom or the sofa and you'll be seen as daring and adventurous.

    Swap from man on top to woman on top by rolling him over. Or suggest you swap from side entry to rear entry.

    Wear high heels or boots. Not only does it add erotic oomph and make your legs look longer, it adds height to make positions that were once awkward do-able.

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