• Sex Advice: Location, location, location - enjoy sexy positions all around the house


    The bed is comfy and convenient but there are tons of other options which are far sexier, more impressive and efficient.

    The stairs make up for height differences. If you're shorter, stand on the step above and previously and previously impossible positions are suddenly workable. They also make oral sex a damn sight easier.

    The shower is great for standing positions and we all know why those detachable shower hoses were really invented!

    A chair is the most versatile sex prop of all! Choose a sturdy one without arms and you can stand on it, sit on it or both lean on it. Placed near the bed, it's great support for dangling limbs or (plus pillow) for supporting someone's head.

    The bath is brilliant for foreplay and great for rear-entry sex. It's a solid, smooth surface which is ideal for you to bend over.

    A table also works for rear entry - and just about everything else. Lean against it, lie on it or both hop on board and do it on top.

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