• "My boyfriend is asking for anal stimulation - is this a sign that he is gay?"


    I used to tease my boyfriend that he was gay because he's vain and likes 'gay' music. But now he's asking me for anal stimulation and I'm starting to really worry. Should I be?


    No! You're falling for stereotypes that have no basis to them! Being vain and liking ABBA (or whatever it is, you define as 'gay music') doesn't make him gay any more than Posh cropping her hair short made her lesbian.

    Many straight men enjoy having their anus stimulated because it's extremely sensitive - not to mention home of the male G-spot.

    What makes a man gay is wanting to have sex with other men on a regular basis. Until he admits to this, relax!

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    • Stu: January 13, 2009 14:37
      I too love my bum played with during our love making and I'm certainly not gay! My wife uses a vibrator or dildo in my bum and it drives me wild.
      As the adage goes . . . if it feels good then do it. If you're not sure then do it again and again and again 'till you are sure!
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