• "Every time my boyfriend and I have sex my vagina makes a funny noise, what is it?"


    Every time my boyfriend and I have sex my vagina makes a funny noise, what could that be? I'm really worried and it's very embarrassing.

    I'm too scared to discuss it with him. Can you help?


    The funny noise is (rather charmingly - not) called a 'fanny fart'. It's simply the sound of air that's been pumped into the vagina during intercourse, being expelled.

    It's probably got a lot to do with the position you're using and the way your boyfriend is thrusting. If he pulls almost out of you, then thrusts hard and deep, that invariably pushes air inside.

    The closer he stays to you while thrusting, the less likely it is air will be forced inside. Get him to grind against you, rather than thrust. Is he holding you wide open or does he spread your legs wide?

    That can also cause it. The safest positions are those where your legs are together, like the missionary position. Having said all that, sex is noisy, messy and smelly. By nature, it's undignified.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the noises you're making - if you're enjoying yourself, really what's the problem?

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