• Sex Advice: Top 5 things she's hoping you'll do the first time you have sex

    The top 5 things she's hoping you'll do the first time you have sex

    Don't just dive straight in and hope to have your wicked way without so much as a by-your-leave, pay her compliments and work on the foreplay!

    1. Give great oral sex: Given that it's how most women orgasm, showing you like doing it and, even better, know how to do it well, scores big points. It also shows you're not squeamish about sex.

    2. Compliment her: Even if it's a mumbled 'Perfect breasts!' or 'God, your skin feels amazing', make some acknowledgment of the fact that you're thrilled to have finally got your hands on her gorgeous bod.

    3. Focus on foreplay: Spend lots of time kissing, pay attention to her breasts, tease her, feel her through her panties. If you dive straight for the good bits, or worse, try to penetrate after just a few minutes, you'll be lucky if you have sex at all.

    4. Have an orgasm: Yes, there are many reasons why it sometimes has nothing to do with her but in her slightly altered condition (forget the alcohol, it's vulnerability that is doing it) she'll interpret it as you not finding her attractive or not being good in bed. So if you don't orgasm and you're comfortable talking about it, say something afterwards like 'Look, don't think you don't turn me on. The reason I didn't orgasm was because...' (I had too much to drink/your cat was staring at me).

    5. Say something nice afterwards: If you really, really like her, say something like 'That was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. I think you're amazing'. If you're keen but not that keen, at least let her know you want to see her again and make a date before you leave. Even if it's a one-night stand and you want to just get out of there, do the decent thing. Say 'I really enjoyed that. Thanks for a great night', and don't tack 'I'll call you' on the end. Even the most starry-eyed female won't bother waiting by the phone in that instance.

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    • Tom: May 04, 2009 19:58
      Put her first, and all kinds of wonderful things can follow. I'd definitely agree with taking your time and giving great oral sex, and doing that first if it suits.
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