• "Is it possible to train myself to climax in different ways?"


    I can only orgasm during masturbation and though a certain, specific technique.

    How can I train myself to climax different ways?


    Masturbate in your usual way until you're almost, almost there... then stop. Change to a new position, switch to a different technique (ditch the vibe and use fingers etc) then start again. Again, get almost there then stop.

    Change position and technique again - and keep doing it till you've brought yourself to the brink at least five times.

    This not only stops your body from expecting exactly the same stimulation to orgasm, it trains it to expect that after one peak of sensation, another is coming.

    Use different stimulation for each orgasm for a while after that. Alternate oral sex with intercourse with digital stimulation (that's fingers rather than digital telly, but while we're on the topic, a bit of porn playing in the background could be just what you need to add another to the list!)

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