• Sex Advice: Why investing in sexy lingerie really is a must!

    Why investing in sexy lingerie really is a must!

    Impress your partner with the addition of some sexy new lingerie to your winter wardrobe...

    There's always been a perception that all you need to really do to rescue a dire sex life is to pop down to Agent Provocateur and get her to stock up on silk stockings, sheer panties and boost-up bras. But can new underwear really sort your sex problems? Well... yes! It's not going to solve the serious stuff but if you've just fallen into the been-together-forever rut, it can help because it shows what's really missing: effort. Like...

    • Does he really need to see you in those big, grey pants? Yes, I know they make the line of your clothes look smooth but do both of you a favour and pull them on in private.
    • Never, ever, EVER let a man see you in tights. I've seen supermodels look dreadful in them and believe me, if they look bad, you're going to look like I do - indescribably terrible!
    • This advice has stuck because there is truth in it - you do need to look good for your partner to fancy you. This also means eating well, exercising and taking pride in your appearance. We all know it's lovely to pull on your track pants and snuggle up on the sofa in front of the telly - just get off it occasionally and head to the gym and get dressed up for 'dates'.

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