• "I am 18 and about to go into a relationship with a 40 year-old. Is this right?"


    I am 18 and about to go into a relationship with a 40 year-old.

    I have no idea if I am doing the right thing, since there are guys my age I could date.

    I feel like I want something more, is this right?


    When you say you want something more, do you mean guys your own age aren't satisfying you?

    I totally understand if this is what you're saying: it's normal for women to mature faster than men and could be guys your own age feel too immature for you or are unwilling to commit to the type of relationship you now feel you're ready for.

    But as much as I understand the attractive to a man virtually double your age and honestly do think age difference is largely irrelevant in lots of cases, at this stage in your life I think it is.

    There's an enormous difference in both emotional maturity and relationship expectation between a girl of 18 and a man of 40.

    If this is just a casual fling and you're able to treat it as such, go for it (using contraception of course). But if you're thinking of it long-term, be aware the odds are stacked against you.

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