• "My girlfriend flirts with other guys and it bothers me - what can I do?"


    My girlfriend cannot stop flirting with other guys and it bothers me sometimes. She seems very happy with our relationship and our sex life but I'm not sure if she just likes attention or she's not getting what she wants from the relationship. How can I find out?


    Even if she's just flirting because she enjoys the attention, if it's done in front of you and is making you feel uncomfortable, I think you should have a chat about it.

    Tell her as much you appreciate it's fun flirting, sometimes it can make you feel as though you aren't enough to satisfy her. Some people are so programmed to flirt they don't even realise they're doing it.

    Others do it when they're happy in a relationship simply because they quite like knowing they're still attractive to other people, should the relationship fall apart. Ask her which of these rings true, if any of them.

    Ask her to explain to you what she's getting from it. If, when challenged, you honestly think it's just part of her personality, you might decide to live with it. If you can't, get her to be more aware of it and tone it down.

    You could also try giving her a taste of her own medicine and having a mild flirt with women while she's around. When on the other end of it, she might realise how upsetting it can be!

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    • Aiskei: February 24, 2009 13:13
      You are really a good doctor who teach us to know the strength and weeknesses in our relationship.

      Thanks alot mein...........

    • steve: February 28, 2009 18:00
      My wife and I are both very highly sexed, and have been together 3 years. We still have fun together bt want to explore more and have been considering an open relationship we have tried dogging a few times and both enjoyed and found that when we returned home to each other sex was more passionate between the two of us and we seemed to connect better. I what liek to know your opinion on this subject?
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