• "My boyfriend is clean but his penis smells weird when I give him oral sex."


    My boyfriend is clean and showers regularly but his penis smells weird when I give him oral sex. Is there a way of telling him without offending him?


    It's probably because he's uncircumcised and not pulling back the foreskin to clean underneath it. A substance called 'smegma' (yup, it sounds as bad as it smells and tastes) gathers there.

    An obvious solution is to suggest you have a shower together and you (lovingly and lustily) clean him properly as part of foreplay. With luck, he'll get the hint and do the same next time around (ie wash properly).

    Another trick: give his penis a champagne shower. Simply open a bottle of bubbly and make sure your glass is full and close-by. Then take a mouthful before encasing him in your mouth.

    It feels great his end - the bubbles fizz and it's all terribly celebratory. You're happy because you're essentially giving him a little wash!

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