• Sex Advice: How to turn your bedroom into a sex den

    Turn your bedroom into a sex den

    Sex in an erotic, exotic playroom is sexier than that recurring fantasy of your favourite celebrity walking into your bedroom just as you're reaching into the bedside drawer. And you can do it in simple ways, too.

    Some essentials are:

    - Soundproof it for kids/flatmates/your mother when she comes to stay. Heavy curtains and carpets soak up sound and if you're deadly serious, install sound-insulating board on any adjoining walls. A lazy but effective option is to put in a sound system or radio. Music masks all sorts.

    - Get the lighting right. For the most part flattering lighting, light from below or at eye level. Dimmers are the next best thing and can match whatever mood you're in. A simple, quick fix in the meantime is to put tea-lights on saucers on the floor, though best to keep them a safe distance from bedcovers or enthusiastically thrown bras, knickers or boxers.

    - Add a mirror. Mirror wardrobe doors can be angled to provide a good view of the bed or use a full-length portable mirror which you can move into whatever position takes your fancy.

    - Add toys and essentials. Massage oil, stockings and scarves for tie-up, sleep masks from your last plane flight to act as a blindfold, lubricant, condoms, erotic books or movies, sexy clothes, vibrators and other sex toys.

    - Check your bed A firm bed makes for better sex and clean, fresh, good quality sheets lure you to lie naked on them. Cushions are a must for putting under hips, supporting limbs or making others places around the house sex-friendly.

    - Install a bidet. They might look old-fashioned and out of date, but they're perfect for freshening before, during or after sex.

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