• Sex Advice: The secret signs he's ready for sex

    The Secret Signs He's Ready For Sex

    How do you make the transition from full-on-flirt to serious seduction? Simple! Read the signs...

    Body language and subconscious actions are the easiest ways to work out whether someone wants to sleep with you or not.

    When you first start dating someone, you want to remain playful and flirty but as things get more serious, you want to seduce them completely.

    The following signs guarantee he's interested in going further:

    • He's touching his face more than usual.
    • He's holding his head high.
    • His eyes appear shiny and moist.
    • His pupils are large and dilated.
    • His sentences are short and half finished.
    • He's breathing quickly.
    • His thighs tense and his hips start moving in a subtle yet suggestive thrusting motion.
    • His lips are red and swollen.
    • His nostrils flare.

    As subtle as these things are, you will soon start to notice them a lot more when chatting to a potential partner!

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