• "Is it normal to get wet whenever I fantasise about a certain guy that I know?"


    I want to know if it is normal to get wet whenever I fantasise about a certain guy that I know?

    I'm also a bit nervous that when we're going to have sex for the first time I get all excited and wet, which is somehow embarrassing for me. Is there any way to control this excessive wetness?


    This isn't a problem, it's a compliment to him! Of course it's normal to feel aroused when thinking of making love with someone you fancy like mad for the first time!

    And part of the arousal process is lubrication: your vagina is simply getting ready for him to penetrate you. Far from being put off by 'excessive wetness', he's likely to be thrilled you're so excited by him.

    If it really is so excessive that it will interfere with friction, simply wipe some of it away with a tissue. Again, don't be embarrassed if you need to do this. I guarantee it will be a turn-on rather than a turn-off for him.

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    • Mike: March 20, 2009 13:38
      Hi Tracy

      I want to personally thank you for making the subject of sex and the manner in which you communicate so elegant.

      Your approach to the subject is fun and incredibly sexy, my partner and I love your flirty and fun style of communication.

      Well done for making the greatest gift we humans have so thrilling to learn about...without shame.


      A fan

    • Jenny: March 26, 2009 09:53
      Hi Tracy!

      Me and my boyfriend, we have sex very often. And it is good sex. But, I only get my orgasm when I am on top of him. Just that position.. I wonder, is that the only chance for me to have orgasm???!


      A big fan

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